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Courses & Schedule

Course 1: Active Shooter Response

Active shooter and other types of catastrophic attacks are becoming more and more commonplace. And now they’ve moved from large cities to our rural and suburban areas. Scenes once only played out in movies have become real and weekly events. The probability that you will be present during an active shooter or similar event is higher today than it ever has been before. We can no longer assume that it only happens to someone else. Because, what if?

This course provides a simple, common-sense approach to reacting to a shooter or weapons attack and is designed specifically for the civilian (lay person). It is based on the E.B.B. system: ESCAPE, BARRICADE, BATTLE!

Topics include
  • Advanced Preparation ("Know the Signs")

  • Reacting (Choices & Options)

  • The Survivor Mindset

  • What to expect from First Responders

  • Family Emergency Planning

*Course includes Site Safety Inspection

Course 2: Avoid Being the Victim of a Crime

Life is hectic. We don’t always have the time to attend a neighborhood watch meeting. But the information it provides is invaluable, and it provides an opportunity to ask questions. Maybe it's about something on the news. Maybe it’s why police officers do what they do.  

This presentation provides common sense ways to reduce the likelihood that you will be the victim of a crime with ways to protect your home, property, car, and valuables. Topics include ways to stay safe and creating a family emergency plan. There is no better way to come together as a community or build confidence than to provide this type of training and information at your business/for your employees, at your church/for your members, at your school/for teachers, students, parents, youth and sports groups, seniors, and any other group or organization.

Topics include:
  • Personal Safety & Security

  • Residential & Property Crime

  • Vehicle Security

  • Proactive vs. Reactive

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

  • Interacting with Law Enforcement
    *Course includes Site Safety Inspection

Why attend these courses?
  • Begin the conversation

  • Create confidence

  • Empower & Educate

  • Pass it on

Who are these courses for?
  • Businesses

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Civic Groups

  • Sports Coaches

  • Everyone!

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