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"Your advice on how to protect and save ourselves was extremely helpful. Being aware of what to do in a crisis instead of panicking will definitely help to save lives."


Casa Colina Surgery Center

"Very informative, real-life examples from someone that has hands on training/knowledge of these types of situations."

Danielle, LVN

Casa Colina Surgery Center

"Robin's presentation kept me engaged, and her explanations were thorough enough to give me the confidence to believe I can protect myself and others in the event of an emergency."


Casa Colina Surgery Center

"Robin was able to make it real but reassuring, that you don’t have to be a victim if you listen and use the strategies she shared. I would HIGHLY recommend this class for any business."

Mary Johnson, RN

Casa Colina Surgery Center

"American Survival Strategies offered my students and me practical and action-oriented tools to be used in an active shooter situation. Robin's presentation and expertise gave us the confidence, preparation, and clarity to survive."

Karen Fazio, MSG

Aging Studies and Public Health Instructor/Lecturer

California State University, Fullerton

Throughout the presentation Robin was personable and informative while stressing the importance of being aware of our surroundings and possible threats. I HIGHLY recommend this training!”

Brittany Doan, Teacher

Repetto Elementary School

Monterey Park, CA

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