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Avoid becoming
a victim

Gone are the days of an angry employee, an irate parent, or a dissatisfied customer being the worst fear of a business or school. We have no choice but to educate ourselves, plan, and prepare. 

Our Services

Active Shooter Training

Active shooter and other types of catastrophic attacks are becoming more and more commonplace. We can no longer assume that it only happens to someone else. This course provides a simple, common-sense approach to reacting to a shooter or weapons attack, designed specifically for the civilian or lay person.


“Your advice on how to protect and save ourselves was extremely helpful. Being aware of what to do in a crisis instead of panicking will definitely help to save lives.”

Casa Colina Surgery Center

Ready to get started?

Don't wait for the next catastrophic event to happen before you start preparing for it. When danger happens, it will already be too late. Increase your effectiveness and chances for survival with these simple courses. Learn all the techniques necessary to protect your business, school, church, family and you by contacting us today!

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