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Unfortunately, life truly has begun to imitate art.  Scenes we once only saw played out on the big screen are now commonplace in our everyday lives and the subject of endless  news cycles. The chance that you will be present during an active shooter event is still slight, but we can no longer assume that it will never happen to us or that it only happens to the other guy.  Because, what if?

This course provides a simple, common sense approach to responding to an active shooter that can also be applied in the event of some other type of catastrophic attack or event.  It is designed specifically for the civilian (lay person) and is based on the E.B.B. System: ESCAPE/BARRICADE/BATTLE! 


Topics include:               *Preparation     *Family Emergency Plan     *What to Expect from First Responders


Perfect for:                      *Businesses     *Schools     *Churches     *Civic Groups     *Everyone!


Why attend:                     *Begin the conversation     *Instill confidence     *Empowerment


Includes Site Safety Inspection/Identify:     *Effective areas of ingress/egress     *Safety deficiencies     *Alerting others     *Defense



More often than not, folks just don't have the time or inclination to attend a neighborhood watch meeting.  This is a shame because, as someone who has given presentations at many of these events, I know the value of the information they provide.  And I see that once people begin to feel comfortable and actually have a police officer they can speak to one on one, they ask questions about so many great topics that they've always wanted to know about but never had the opportunity to learn about.  Maybe it's about something they've seen on T.V. or in the news.  Maybe they want to know why cops do what they do.  


This presentation provides common sense ways to reduce the likelihood that you will be the victim of a crime, from ways to protect your valuables and property to ways to keep your loved ones safe as you go about your everyday activities.  Topics include  ways to protect your home and auto and creating a "family plan" in the event of an emergency.  There is no better way to come together as a community than to provide this type of training and information at your business/for your employees, at your church/for your members and various groups, at your school/PTA/youth groups, sports organizations/athletes and parents, seniors groups, and really just any group or organization you can think of.



About Me

I have been in law enforcement for over 23 years as a police officer.  I have also been a SWAT team tactical operator for over 16 years.  As a first responder I have had the opportunity to receive hundreds of hours of training in a variety of law enforcement related topics including:  Active Shooter Training; Debriefs of multiple active shooter scenarios; Detective Training Symposiums; Enhanced Active Shooter Strategies; Active Shooter Response in Corporate America; Tactical Survival; Mobile Field Force/Crowd Control; Violent Crime Behavior Analysis; Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings; Campus Terrorism & Tactics; SWAT School; SWAT/K-9 Searches; Terrorism for Patrol; Emergency Crime Scene Responder; and Entry/Search Tactics.


My passion for this project was born out of frustration when, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, I learned that the schools that the children in my family were attending were still not preparing the students or faculty in the event that an active shooter or similar event occurred on campus.  Typically, we plan and prepare for earthquakes and fires.  But as we know, these are not the only catastrophic events that take place in our schools and now other places that we frequent.  And soon after, I started working on finding a way to integrate some sort of active shooter training for civilians into a school setting, I realized that it couldn't be limited to just that environment.  These events occur in the places we visit, patronize, and work in every day: businesses, churches, schools, parks, shopping malls...the list goes on and on.  We owe it to our children and to those who matter most to us to be aware of what is happening in our world today and to prepare ourselves, just like we prepare for fires and earthquakes, to respond and react in a way that will give us the best chance for survival.


This program was developed and tailored specifically to educate the every day citizen on what they can do to prepare themselves in the unlikely event that at active shooter or similar event occurs.  The concept is simple and provides a common sense approach on ways to be prepared and increase your chances of staying safe.



Gone are the days when the worst fears of a business, a school, or a shopping area involved a disgruntled employee, an irate parent, or a dissatisfied customer.  Debating the underlying causes is better left to the politicians, mental/medical health professionals, economists, and educators.  The fact is that sadly we now live in an age where we have to acknowledge that not only is the world around us changing and becoming more dangerous, but so too are our own streets, neighborhoods, towns, and country.  Things that once only happened on the news in far away places are now happening in our own backyards.  And while we as a nation stand strong and refuse to allow the actions of a few to dictate the lives of the many, we have no choice but to educate ourselves, plan, and prepare.


The likelihood that one of these catastrophic events will happen in our own small town U.S.A. is slim.  But in the aftermath of such an event, you never hear anyone involved say that they thought it would happen to them or to the people they know and love one day.  We tend to believe that those types of things only happen to other people.  This is a perfectly understandable defense mechanism for sure.  But while the chances that it might happen in your neighborhood, your school, your movie theater, or your business are small, the smartest thing you can do is prepare yourself, have a plan of action, and be ready...just in case.  You may never need it, but if you do, the things you've done to prepare yourself just might save your life or the life of someone you care about.


This program is not for law enforcement.  It is for the ordinary, average citizen; for students/faculty; for church members/parishioners; businesses/employees; and anyone who is open to educating themselves.  My hope is that those that attend this presentation will take the information they've received and share it with their friends and family; start a dialogue.  The goal is not to paralyze people with fear, but instead to educate and empower.





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